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Home Q & A On attendance management program
Fingerprint information can not be downloaded to a computer
Change the administrator user
Attendance record can not be downloaded to your computer
How to clear attendance record?
How to join the new class of false statistics
Missions manager and fingerprint machine can not connect problem?
Software results in English abbreviations mean?
How to make time and attendance software to support other languages?
Use of overtime work should pay attention to X minutes Postscript what?
How to modify the attendance management software report?
Why is my attendance reports which show the status of all work attendance sign?
How to set the shift?
Plus how to set up with classes?
How to set a fixed time for overtime?
Calculated in the query, the system pops up a dialog box: "Invalid floating point operation", how to solve this?
How to upgrade management program?
Why can not I add a new shift management shift?
Company leaders need to sign back, but to calculate the normal attendance, how to set?
Why statistical summary attendance in late / leave early, but there is no record of the query record of late and leave early?
Why do I have normal attendance, but the statistics show I Shique absenteeism?
Why download shows recorded, but inquiries can not find?
Why download all the records stored data when the data is less than the download?
How to remove the existing frequency?
I've row of the class, why the results do not reflect absenteeism, late, leave early?
Why check attendance records, select the highest level departments, select all the employees do not see the record, in fact download the save the record?
Forgotten database password, how to clear it?
Missions manager, account management privileges forgotten password, can not login solution!
Why am I inside the operating software in attendance, a dialog box pops up: "the lack of categories of registration?"
How to activate the software?
How to remove the attendance program?
How do I know the current time and attendance program run directory?

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