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Yiqun has hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide program established in the Taiwan market decades tens of thousands of customers have been the case, the customer can refer some cases listed below, and call this group of local dealers Yee, providing the solution .  TSC 150 Missions province fingerprint machine installation; Mega Financial Holding Co., Ltd.; fresh water, one letter; 85 degrees c the province with the mainland chains; unified chain of gas stations across the province Seiko Smile; China Shipping Co., Ltd.; Highwealth construction; Lucky Cement Co., Ltd.; Taiwan Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd.; Westin; Resort Kenting Youhuo; Hsitou Midi Resort Hotel; CCA; Labor Council; National Health Insurance Bureau; National Ocean University; Chiayi County Police Bureau; Keelung Tax Department. ... and so tens of thousands of customer cases

Technology industry, computer industry
River Lake Technology Co., Ltd.
Wentai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Jingwei Computer Co., Ltd.
Alwin Technology Co., Ltd.
Guido Yang Technology Co., Ltd.
Poly Micron Technology, Inc.
Manchester Code Technology Co., Ltd.
Deyao Information Co., Ltd.
New London Technology Co., Ltd.
WIA Technology Co., Ltd.
Ante computer business community
Milan Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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