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National Ocean University

 Ocean University of China a long history of excellent schools, located in more remote because only four quarters, more than 2,800 beds only, so the student dormitories in short supply, resulting in the phenomenon of student dormitories have false registration, or student access to mixed, male and female dormitories, and more to be separated control, so decided to use as a dormitory access control fingerprint access control, due to the current market units are required 1:1 fingerprint matching, that basis having student number and then the fingerprint, so the original plan and then use the student ID card fingerprint methods, by open and fair tender bid by the company,

 Installation and found the company excellent 1: N fingerprint matching method, even if a large number of students fingerprints on file, simply press the finger is still fast compared to the effect, so even if still installed credit card machines, credit card machine easy to shift to reduce future failure of high maintenance costs, but also a significant reduction in the convenience of students do not, you can just press the finger out of quarters, reducing the need to carry a student ID problems. thousands of students not only single-digit fingerprint login problem student, witnessed the products of the company's fingerprint good recognition rate.

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