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Yiqun establish solutions for customers not only to solve current needs, but also help customers take into account the best and most cost-effective considerations, but also sustainable for the customer service, and fully meet the full range of customer needs.  Yiqun use face, fingerprint, photograph, card machines and other equipment of multiple biological knowledge to do, combined with professional software system, dedicated and sustainable business services, enabling customers to have no worries satisfaction. 

The following applications of the software for a variety of dynamic teaching part of the materials and content: 

Web Missions Missions query management software systems management software system for payroll Hotel B & B proximity card access control door lock system text file transfer software system software systems expertise and access control management system for cram school system truck dispatch Missions SMS text message management system for safe management of bank System Bank Missions, training, and conference room management systems ... .. and a variety of customized projects for contractors. 

All software, dynamic details, please contact Yi-Qun local dealer.

A variety of applications
Company business or plant location
Government agencies
Tutorial / campus / university
Hotel / build case with the community
Container and harbor
Hospitals & Health Care
Social welfare institutions
Retail and small business premises

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