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This page describes the dynamic access control management software, teaching, please click under the section, to appear dynamic teaching software instructions, the arrow forward or back by the next steps or to watch the dynamics of the previous step instructions, perhaps due to software version updates , and some a little different, but basic functions are the same.

If you find the font when viewing the teaching is not clear

Press F11 (to maximize the window), we can see clearly

Chapter I: Department set
 Department staff set

Chapter II device management
Add and delete fingerprint or proximity card machine equipment

Chapter III  System settings
Set time to download records, and so

Chapter IV Basic operations
Basic functions of operating system

Chapter V query
Access and alarm data query and reporting

Chapter VI Download Upload personnel
Employee fingerprint and password information to download and upload

Chapter VII of the personnel data changes
Employee data changes

Chapter VIII of the administrator to create and manage technical inquiries Road
The administrator to add and delete records check with

Chapter IX data maintenance and initialization
Database data maintenance operations

Chapter X database replacement
Database location changes or share a database method

Chapter XI the set time period
Access time setting

Chapter XII group settings
Access group set

Chapter XIII lock group settings
Combination with access control to allow group access settings

Chapter XIV set the access permissions
Access permissions control settings

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