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Missions Management Software System - ATT dynamic teaching

Please select the chapters by, dynamic teaching software instructions can appear, depending on the arrow forward or backward, or on the next step to watch the dynamic step instructions, perhaps due to software version updates, and some a little different, but basic functions is the same.

Missions Quick management software system:
1, the device will register the user's fingerprint or a good card to download to the software (to connect devices - downloaded from the device Personnel data) Reference Chapter device management
2, the staff will maintain the employee's name and other information changes after the upload to the device (when connected to the device - on the Transfer personnel information to the device) Reference Chapter I device management
3, to the staff sub-sector (into the sector management) Reference Chapter management and maintenance staff
4, set the shift time (time to enter the frequency of maintenance) refer to Chapter III Workforce Management
5, set the frequency (to enter the frequency management) Reference Chapter III Workforce Management
6, to the staff scheduling (enter employee scheduling) Reference Chapter III Workforce Management
7, the attendance data on the device to download the software (to connect devices - from the device to download recorded data) Reference Chapter I device management
8, view attendance reports (access to attendance reports) refer to Chapter V  Missions Report

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Chapter I: equipment management.
Fingerprint or proximity card machine equipment management

Chapter II management and maintenance staff
Staff to modify and delete data
Personnel data upload
Add and delete departments
Personnel transfer
Administrator to add and delete

Chapter III Workforce Management
Time frequency management and employee scheduling

Chapter IV Maintenance Set
Festival set to maintain false class attendance rules

Chapter V Missions treatment
Employees Gongchu / staff forgot to leave sign / sign-off process

Chapter VI Missions Report
Attendance records. Abnormal query and reporting attendance

Chapter VII of the data management and maintenance
Remove outdated information and backup data

Chapter VIII of the equipment data manipulation
Clear information on machinery and equipment

Chapter IX Access
Access permissions operation

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